The Homegrown Throwdown has been an integral part in the Lansing music scene for 14 years running, with 2018 marking it as 15 years to date..and we’re not ready to die down anytime soon.

The Throwdown has a successful history of proving that the local music scene can thrive for bands who just want to get their shot at the top. From The Temple Club to Small Planet to our home here at The Loft, the Homegrown Throwdown is here to stay. From 2012 and 2013 winners DeverauX to 2014 Lansing rockers Vandalay to the 2015 gothic-americana winners The Jonestown Crows, to the 2016 winners Past Tense, and the most recent addition with the 2017 winners LOA, Lansing has had their fair share of impressive talent in years past.

The Throwdown will feature 24 bands over four nights, a final round with all of the night’s winners (along with two wild cards),  and a whole lot of rock and roll. Being a successful band is more than being good musically. It’s about stage presence, it’s about promotions, it’s about professionalism and of course, it’s about the music.