The Eat Your Heart Out Tour


Blaze, Boondox, Lex The Hex Master, G-Mo Skee, The R.O.C, Knowledge Da MC

Fri, February 24, 2017

6:00 pm

$25.00 - $30.00

This event is all ages

Pop music is a bloated, rotting corpse and The Wicked Shit is the undead pulse hidden deep within. If you look into the shadows, past the smoke and mirrors of MTV and playlist radio, and into the cold, hard streets, you'll find the underground of music. A place where innovation thrives and inspiration drives. Unapologetic, unique artists have carved a niche for fans fed up with the glamour-mag faces and spoon-fed lyrics of modern music, and offer them something more.

Where most rappers celebrate the urban lifestyle with the same old themes and the same old image, Twiztid peel away the gloss and expose the innards. With an oversized butcher knife. They take the hard edge of theatrical rock-and-roll and temper it with gritty hip-hop to create a musical monstrosity so dangerously real it must be hidden with facepaint. These aren't casual gangsters; their painted personas let them explore the darkest corners of the human psyche, from superhero fantasies to horror film legacies. With their ruthless raps, they can explore every recess of their audience's experiences, every sentimental reflection and every sinister urge. By becoming something unreal, they are free to be real. Whether it's on-stage devastation or home stereo infiltration, Twiztid's music will take you somewhere you've never been before. The scariest part is when you don't want to come back…
From his early days as an aspiring rapper from Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Blaze has assumed many aliases as he virtually clawed his way into the Underground Hip-Hop Scene, with merely a dream and an undying love for Rap to accompany his supreme skills.

After a brief encounter with Jamie Madrox & Monoxide of Twiztid in the early 1990s, an immediate friendship was born, which would later lead to Blaze working for the legendary Psychopathic Records (former label of Twiztid, as well as Insane Clown Posse) toward the end of the decade. Blaze quickly worked his way up through the company, all the while honing his craft and developing a concept for his soon-to-be persona.

One late evening, while attending a recording session in 1999 for the Island/Def Jam reissue of Twiztid’s acclaimed album Mostasteless, Blaze was asked to kick a verse for the track “Hound Dogs.” It was on that historic night that the notorious undead gangster known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie was born.

Shortly after, in 2000, Blaze released a self-titled EP that become so popular among his new and ever-growing fan base that he was invited to join Twiztid on their U.S. “Rock the Dead Tour.” He took to the stage each night with his newfound and unique brand of “dead gangster” theatrics, complimenting the image with shirts riddled with bullet-holes, wearing a blood-soaked clock rumored to have stopped on the day of his “death.”

Just as the fans welcomed Blaze with open arms, Psychopathic released his first full-length album 1 Less G In Da Hood in 2001. The record quickly became a landmark in the saga of Blaze Ya Dead Homie, establishing who and what the character is, and laying the groundwork for what he would become.

In 2003, Blaze set out to headline his first U.S. tour, with the likes of the legendary 2Pac’s Outlaws as main support. One year later, he released Colton Grundy the Undying, the first themed record for his alter-ego, weaving the first of many mythical stories from the perspective of his undead persona. The record was so well- received by the fans that it went on to rank at #9 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart, and #16 on the Top Independent Album Charts. The following year, Blaze was approached by gaming giant Eidos Interactive to contribute two songs to the video game 25 to Life, and joined a who’s-who of label mates for the 2005 “Psychopathic All Stars Tour.”

2006 saw the release of a “Deluxe G Edition” of 1 Less G In Da Hood, remastered and featuring new rare and previously unreleased material from Blaze’s first former solo releases. Later that same year, Blaze took to the road again for the “Tombstone Terror Tour,” his second headlining tour in the U.S.

Blaze’s third full-length record came in the form of Clock Work Gray, released in 2007. He also joined ICP’s Shaggy2Dope for the “Fxck the Fxck Off” tour, and later that year jumped aboard Twiztid’s “Guillotine Tour” to promote the Clock Work Gray release.

2010 saw the ambitious release of Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s fourth full-length release, Gang Rags. The record took a fresh creative route, enlisting a new cast of studio writers and producers to give Blaze a completely new sound. Deluxe versions of the album came packaged with different colored bandannas. The following year, a short-lived Gang Rags: Extended & Uncut Version was released in extremely limited quantities as a tour exclusive.

Today, Blaze continues to captivate and amaze his audience and entice new fans through his many side projects, guest appearances, and ventures into social media.
Just as Psychopathic Records begins to fully establish its own distinctive sound recognizable by thousands and thousands of Juggalos and lovers of underground wicked shit everywhere, this new project expands any known boundaries and shatters all previous expectations.

This new and devastating release is called "The Harvest," and the artist is known as Boondox. Hailing from the deep Southern town of Covington, Ga., Boondox delivers a unique and brand new take on the wicked shit. As ICP's Violent J recently commented, "What makes Boondox automatically so different from the rest of the Fam, is that he's not from the blocks, he's from the crops... He's not from the streets but from the fields. Boondox is to music what "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "The Devils Rejects" and "Wrong Turn" are to movies. That back woods, country, crazy, hillbilly shit is straight up scary!"

His debut album "The Harvest" has top-notch production by the one and only Mike E. Clark, who held nothing back on this project. Recorded at both the Fun House studio and the Lotus Pod in Detroit, Boondox tears it up over everything from Southern sounding banjo and harmonica loops to Clark's patented sick-ass drum beats, crisp guitars, and fat bass drops. Clark and Boondox even recruited Tino Grosse from Detroit's legendary Southern Funk band "The Howling Diablos" to help lay a haunting, heavy bass riff on the track "Outhere." The Harvest album also features guest appearances by labelmates Twiztid, Blaze, AMB and ICP.

The first single is a wicked track about snake handlers called "Pray With Snakes." The video--directed by Violent J--was shot on location in Newton County, Georgia and features authentic rural settings from Boondox's upbringing. The video will be available soon for free download on Boondox's web site. Future music videos are being filmed as well including the albums next single "It Ain't a Thang." Also coming soon will be live concert and live interview footage as the new website continues to build up its contents.

Before signing with Psychopathic, Boondox spent several years involved with various other rap and rock projects in Covington, including droppin' several underground mix tapes... But nothing like the adventures that he's embarking on today. He'll be joining ICP on a world tour in the next year, that includes swings through Canada, Europe, and Australia and which will last late into 2007.

In tradition with the Hatchet's antics for big-time showmanship, Boondox fits right in donning a dusty scarecrow style hat, a macabre face paint design, and country boy duds and boots. His stage show features an elaborate country lookin' stage set. And he's not alone up there on stage, as he's joined by a ferocious live drummer and also a deadly live DJ. All this plus several other surprises during his show, which add fuel and energy to the madness of a Boondox concert.

Boondox is truly set to bring forth brand new elements to the already devastating Psychopathic family stable. Jamie Madrox of Twiztid has called him "Leatherface on the mic." Monoxide has said, "He sounds like a sling blade killer."

We ask you this... walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night, or walking down a dark dirt road? Which seems worse? They both seem like there could be problems. Boondox and his sickle knives have already begun slicing and dicing their way threw the underground. Look for the Skarcrow in your backyard real soon. Ya hear?
Lex The Hex Master
Lex The Hex Master
An American rapper from Queens, New York. He signed to former Psychopathic Records artist Twiztid's label Majik Ninja Entertainment in mid 2015. After uploading songs to YouTube and catching the attention of Twiztid he was signed to the label in mid 2015 with it being announced via social media and a music video titled "Bomb On Em". Lex "The Hex" Master did his first set as a Majik Ninja Entertainment artist at Twiztid's "New Year's Evil 8"
G-Mo Skee
G-Mo Skee
I've always rapped this way. Many people compared me to other artist, told me to tone down the music, and even told me I was too hardcore to ever get any type of major exposure.....but I figure, if I'm not making music 100% the way I want to, what's the point of making music? LONG LIVE THE FiLTH!
Venue Information:
The Loft.
414 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI, 48933