I4NI, Tinn Man

The Loft Presents


Tinn Man

Terminally Skilled, Eddie J Don't Play, Cliff Gregory, Lucas Holliday

Sat, June 23, 2018

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 16 and over

During the early 90s, East Nashville wasn’t considered the heart of the city, but more like the bottom of the barrel. Long before it became gentrified as a hotspot for swanky hipsters, East Nashville was made up of a collection of outcasts, misfits, and thugs. It was the rough end of town where you didn’t go after dark and where people did what they had to do just to survive. This part of town is where your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime was higher than anywhere else in the state. It was here amidst the chaos, that two childhood friends, Robbie Phillips (a.k.a Stump) and David Stevens (a.k.a D-ray), would form a musical bond that would last to this day and together they helped to create a sound that would influence the culture of southern rap. All Phillips and Stevens had was their ability to craft head nodding beats and write intense emotional rhymes and that would be the genesis of what would beco me Southern Hip-hop/Rock group I4NI.

I4NI rose from the ashes of the hip-hop group C.W.B, better known as “Crazy WhiteBoys”. The original C.W.B crew was Lexx Luger, D-Ray, Stone, and Stump who grewup on the streets and believed that music was their ticket out of that life. Believing in themselves, they pooled every cent that they could to cut a demo in a professional studio with the help of upstart rappers Haystak and Bubba Sparxx. The demo caught fire in the south, as fans immediately resonated with the group’s sound, identifying with the classic rock style beats mixed with a genuine rap flow that paid homage to hip-hop’s forefathers. The demo caught the attention of Rico Wade from legendary hip-hop crew Organized Noize and a Atlanta based management firm, who at the time was managing CeeLo Green and Goodie Mob.

After recording at Atlanta’s “The Dungeon” studio, C.W.B quickly found themselves being courted by major labels like Def Jam and Koch, and they signed a major recording contract. The group’s first single “Oh My God” featuring Haystak and Bubba

Sparxxx quickly caught on with fans, as the group began to chart and tour throughout the United States.

With success looming on the horizon, former members of the group had difficulty leaving the only life they knew- the streets. After only one album under their belts, C.W.B disbanded, but their mark was firmly left on the southern rap scene. C.W.B took a bunch of kids rapping in the trailer park and turned into a cultural phenomenon that influenced the next generation of country rappers. With a determination to get back to their roots, Stump and D-Ray founded I4NI with the help of frequent collaborator Bubba Sparxxx and went back to cut another demo. BubbaSparxxx is a collaborator with the band and frequently joins the group on the road.

“We look at I4NI similar to Wu-Tang Clan, where members can come and contribute to the music whenever they want. We have an open door policy for members so Bubba is still involved with I4NI, but he’s also a solo artist that writes and records his ownrecords,” said D-Ray. “This isn’t a side-project, so if someone has another project they need to work on, I4NI doesn’t stop or slow down. The core of the group will always be

David Ray, Stump and Jon Connor driving the music regardless of who is contributing.”Producer/singer Jon Conner was the final missing piece that completed I4NI. Conner was an accomplished producer in the country rap scene, having breakout success as the producer responsible for Big Smo’s now classic album “Kuntry Livin”. That album went on to sell a quarter of a million copies and was prominently featured on TV shows like Duck Dynasty, Bar Rescue, and Showtime’s hit series Shameless. Together with Jon Conner in the fold, I4NI was able to solidify their signature sound.
I4Ni are leaders of the AmeriFlow musical movement, a genre that is out to blur the lines of musical lines between country, rap, and rock.

“Our music is more than just mud trucks and bonfires,” says Jon Conner. “We’re not just country rappers; we all come from a background of traditional hip-hop,but we also love rock-n-roll. Our fans call it music with meaning because it’s rooted in real life, struggle and emotion. The term AmeriFlow is a better way of describing what we do. People listen to a lot of different genres and there are no musical boundaries now. We are fusing a lot of these genres together and we just organically came up with our own sound.”

I4NI are quietly becoming major players in the country rap scene from the ir production credits for chart-toppers like Big Smo, the Moonshine Bandits, and The LACS. If the members don’t have their heads in the studio creating the music, their production company Dammit Boy Entertainment is crafting the vision behind music videos for BigSmo, Bubba Sparxxx, and Lenny Cooper that have generated millions of plays online.

I4NI is the story of rising above the odds and smashing stereotypes that white boys can’t rap.

Collectively, I4NI has quietly amassed millions of views on Youtube, and the group scored one of the best-selling singles on the “Mud Digger” compilation series with “When I’m Gone” featuring Bubba Sparxxx. The single earned I4NI a whole new group of fans, while the song has racked up more than 2 million views on Youtube and another million spins on Spotify.
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The Loft.
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