Jenn's Apartment

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Jenn's Apartment

Off The Ledge, Car Crash Jake, Mange

Sat, April 27, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Jenn's Apartment
Jenn's Apartment
Jenn's Apartment was formed in 2004 by Roy Kirby with childhood friend Matthew Anderson, and local drummer Travis Stoliker. The band's initial offering, 2004's Let Them Talk We Will Sing is pock marked with signs of the era, post hardcore/pop punk riffs with the mandatory screamo climax. But it serves as an introduction to the band's high live energy and the early glimpses of singer/guitarist Roy Kirby's folk inspired story teller songwriting style.
The band's well received 2006 follow up Divide and Conquer found the band expanding their sound and line up, while refining their pop sensibilities and further developing their own unique sound. Additional vocalist Jesse Lovejoy, and Josh Peek provided a catchy call and response vocal style, best showcased in fan favorite from the album "Uh Oh". The band became a favorite at the local Lansing venue The Temple Club. Sharing the stage with national acts like Lucky Boys Confusion, Blackpool Lights (ex Get Up Kids), The Arcade Fire, Catch 22, Socratic, The Atari's, and others.
The band's planned 2007 release It's Science was an expansion of the bands folk inspired pop punk sound. Songwriter Roy Kirby's songs grew increasingly political and full of pop hooks propelling the album's early single "March On" to quick popularity on multiple online music streaming platforms. Unfortunately, several line-up changes led to the band disbanding before the album was given a proper release. Though some bootleg copies of the album were circulated at the band's last few shows before their hiatus.
In 2015, songwriter/guitarist Roy Kirby reformed Jenn's Apartment with drummer Justin Pine and bassist Chris Davis.
In 2016 they released the Forever For The End EP. The release found the band returning to their power trio roots and delivering a folk rock/alternative/pop punk album that was reviewed positively. said:
"The lyrics are excellent, easy to follow and paint a vivid picture that we can follow; it makes the album engaging and relatable."
Side Stage Magazine said "This is a talented band with a fresh sound for this day and age. 'this is a five-star album."
On the 20th of April 2018 the band revealed their first full length release We're a Small Band. Completely produced and recorded independently by the band. In the tradition of other classic power trios like Cream, Nirvana, and Green Day; the album's sound is dynamic and catchy. Rhythm guitars jangle and crunch, while leads squeal and bass lines punctuate energetic drums. The vocals recall 2000's era alternative bands like Eve 6 and the story teller narrative recalls similar back to basics bands like The Hold Steady. Creating a sound that is unique, but familiar at the same time; and wholly their own. We're a Small Band is proof that a small, independent band can still sound big and relevant in today's saturated music market.
Off The Ledge
Off The Ledge
“Good times call for great music.” Off The Ledge current lineup came together in early 2015 with diverse musical backgrounds, and quickly morphed into a cohesive unit, creating a signature sound to their mix of funky, folky, blues influenced, alterna-rock jazziness. Personally, the guys don’t take themselves too seriously and at the onset, their biggest ambition was making each other laugh. Don’t be fooled by that, the musical complexity, instrumentation and each member’s proficiency quickly grabs your attention and speaks volumes about who they really are.

Live performances incorporate an electric mix of original music and covers that showcase their affable personalities and many influences, ranging from Dave Matthews Band, Jack White, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, CCR, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford & Sons, Albert King, & Muddy Waters. The band are experts at intelligently engrossing the crowd with “catchy” tunes with a broad appeal, making for active crowd participation, and an inclusive, “feel good” show. Matt Shannon (lead vocals, guitar), Tab Wakley (lead guitar), Luke Dahlstrom (bass), and Eric Brandes (drums) comprise the band.
Car Crash Jake
Car Crash Jake
We’re a four cheese pizza comprised of cheddar, American, Swiss, and pepper jack. But if sandwiches are more your thing we understand.
Venue Information:
The Loft.
414 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI, 48933