2020 Homegrown Throwdown Call For Submissions

The 17th year of The Homegrown Throwdown is now taking submissions for bands who would like to compete in this year’s competition! 

Please submit your band’s info on our entry form to be considered for the competition.

• Bands are to play all originals with no more than one cover that has been on the Q106, i92-9, or 94.1 Duke FM playlists in the past five years. ONE COVER SONG IS MANDATORY. A cover must be registered with Throwdown officials in advance. Finalists will be assigned a new cover to include in their set for the finals. We do not want the cover to sound like the real thing. We want your interpretation!
• Each band is judged on crowd votes (25%), ticket sales (25%) and judges scores (50%), so bring your friends out! Judges are basing scores on musicianship, songwriting, stage presence, crowd interaction, and professionalism.
• Bands are required to pick up 100 tickets at The Loft office in downtown Lansing to sell. Bands must return tickets, the money or a combination of the two at load in on the day of their show. We encourage you to get those who purchase tickets to attend and vote for you as they both count toward your score.