Smells Like Nirvana

Smells Like Nirvana

Be Kind Rewind

Ages 16+
The Loft Presents
Lansing, MI

Smells Like Nirvana is not your average tribute band, these guys kick a##. Featuring front man Paul Wandtke aka Paule (Dead Original, Bedlem), bassist Mike Petrasek (Bedlem), and on drums Nick Shabatura one of Chicago's busiest drummers.

Check out Dead Original’s single "Bored Again" available on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify and more. Watch the lyric video via

"One of my goals in life is to meet Dave Grohl and write an original grunge album with him! haha jk or wait maybe I’m serious" ~ paule


Sam Jansen - FOH @ Cubby Bear - "A true to life Nirvana experience that smells like rock n' roll!"

Venue Information:
The Loft.
414 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI, 48933