Heartsick // Starving Artists Blood Forge Can Release // Heed The Assailant Farewell Show

Heartsick // Starving Artists Blood Forge Can Release // Heed The Assailant Farewell Show

Heed The Assailant, Beyond The Fallout, Tyrant, Hyporium

Sat, September 9, 2017

6:30 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

-This will be the official release party for our canned beer line for
Heartsick Blood Forge

-This is also Heed The Assailant's farewell show.

-This will be a KNOW LYFE show meaning we will only be playing KNOW LYFE

-We are doing special merch for this day. Bringing back a couple of old
KNOW LYFE designs for merch.

-Everyone who purchases a ticket to the the show (online or physically)
gets a limited edition KNOW LYFE poster. KNOW LYFE custom guitar picks
from each band member, 15% off coupon for KNOW LYFE/HEARTSICK merch, Free
KNOW LYFE sticker, custom KNOW LYFE bag, and a free download card for FREE

Heartsick is regarded as one of the hardest working bands in the Midwest metal scene with a rapidly growing fan base all across the United States and thousands of diehard fans in the Midwest they are quickly becoming the band to look out for in 2015. Ever since they formed in Lansing, they have graduated from local hometown shows to a touring force to be reckoned with and participating on major festivals across the US playing over 1,500 shows since the band's start in 2000.

Heartsick has made their presence known the old fashioned way blood, sweat, and a work ethic matched by few in the industry. Treating every show as if it was their last and every fan as if it was their first. After years of touring and playing under the name Know Lyfe the band has evolved still keeping its core sound and member vocalist Alfonso Civile, guitarist Jerred Pruneau, drummer Nico Killips, and bassist Waylon Fox.

With a new name and a new highly anticipated follow up record to 2011 "Empire Of Wolves," Heartsick is poised to explode beyond the borders of the Midwest and has already begun a new legendary chapter in their already legendary career.
Heed The Assailant
Heed The Assailant
Just a few dudes doing what they love! we take pride on our melodic aspects that lead into catchy rhythmic breakdowns and crushing leads! leaving you feeling pissed yet we make you feel pretty (haha) we do the best we can all the time leaving the fans and crowd satisfied!
Beyond The Fallout
Beyond The Fallout
Beyond The Fallout is a Five piece Metalcore band from Mid-Michigan. Currently starting mosh pits far and wide, Beyond The Fallout combines de-tuned madness with melodic sonic delight. Beyond The Fallout is here to melt some faces and have some fun while doing it. Looking forward to picking you up off the floor.
Emerging from the Lansing scene in late 2011, TYRANT was formed by brothers Philip and Andrew Winters while just beginning highschool. Sharing a passion for not only metal, but music itself, TYRANT truly came into fruition with their release of their 'Jaws of Agony' demo in February of 2012. TYRANT's live shows include metal that ranges greatly from speedy solos to dark and ominous ambient breakdowns. In 2013, TYRANT participated in numerous shows for the first half of the year but spent the remainder of the year writing and rehearsing material for their mid-late 2014 release ‘Purge EP’ , that has been streamed on radio stations such as Powerton Radio, Violent Forces Radio and HeadBangers FM. Shortly after the release in August, Anderson Creager stepped up to the plate and joined the band as the new bass player for the band. The power trio spent 2015 toured heavily around the region, to great responses at venues such as The Music Factory, The Intersection, The Loft, The Foundry, and The Token Lounge, performing alongside of Diamond Plate, Battlecross, Psychostick and Starkill to name a few. While they toured the surrounding area they took inspiration from ominous life events and composed material for their newest CD 'Black Hand' out March 25th 2016.
If having a good time was a genre, Hyporium would be its poster child. A Hard Rock/ Metal band out of Lansing, MI looking to bring some noise and some headbanging back to the music world. Rock is not dead, and we are here to make that more than a statement.
Venue Information:
The Loft.
414 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI, 48933